The Dashboard is one of CASE Construction Equipment SiteWatch's new feature! We hope that you are going to like it :)

Thanks to the Dashboard, spot at a glance potential issues that could put your business at risk!

  • A machine in long idle status is spoiling fuel and at the same time your money? Use the Equipment summary widget to find it out! You can also have a look at the Fuel level widget to monitor the fuel level of your equipment and be prepared to refill the tanks.
  • A maintenance service to perform is now beyond the deadline? No worries, you can spot it right away thanks to the widget dedicated to the Maintenance status.
  • A machine violated its curfew and its geofence and is now on the run somewhere out there? You'll see the alarm in the central widget and will be able to check the localization of the machine with the Equipment search widget next to it.

Those are a few elements that you can do thanks to the Dashboard.
Check the next chapter on "The widgets" to get more details!

The widgets

The Dashboard contains 5 widgets. Let's go into details for each of them.

1 The Equipment summary.
The equipment summary gives you first information on how many 2 companies, fleets and machines you have. Right under you will find a histogram with the statuses in which your equipment is. In total you can see up to 8 status (Key on/engine off, On/idle, Long idle, Work, Light workload, Transport and Off). Use the 3 filter to filter the histogram by fleets.

4 The Maintenance status.
This widget allows you to understand if you have maintenance services to come and to perform or if you're up to date. Click 5 the arrow to directly get to the maintenance list and to go into detail.

6 The Most recent alarms.
The widget can show up to 100 alarms that were triggered in the last 7 days. To remove the alarms from the "Unread alarms" tabs just click them. 7 Click to get to the Alarm report.

8 The Equipment search.
Type something in the 9 search bar to find some machines or use the list under. Once you click the "target" icon, you will get the unit position on the worldwide map.

10 The Fuel level.
Use this widget to get info on your equipment fuel level. You can 11 filter by fleet and by type.