How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to schedule a weekly or a monthly report

Menu/Reports 1/Setup 2

What is it about

Here you can setup (weekly or monthly) reports on elements such as: Alarms, Engine hours, Equipment utilization, Fuel consumption, Maintenance and Subscriptions' expiration.

The scheduled reports, once configured, will arrive into the mailboxes of users and for the equipment of your own choice in an Excel format.

The tools

Recap of the tools to add, edit, clone and more

Are you ready to setup your first weekly or monthly report? You'll see, it's easy as pie ;).

When you will land for the first time on the Setup page you might have a blank page. If it's the case, click 1 "Add scheduled report" to setup your first scheduled report.

If you have already created  scheduled reports in the past, then you will see the following tools next to each one of the scheduled reports:

2 Edit - Click to modify elements inside the scheduled report.

3 Clone - Clone is useful if you want to create a new scheduled report that is very similar to the one cloned.

For example let's imagine that you have created one scheduled reports with all the wheel loaders you own. You've setup this scheduled report so that it arrives inside you mailbox and the mailbox of your partner every week. Now you want to created on top of this scheduled report, a new one, but this time only for your excavators! The quickest way to do it is to use "clone" and then to edit inside the cloned scheduled report the units selection; removing all wheel loaders and replacing them with the excavators. Then you and your partner will receive every week the reports for the wheel loaders as well as the one for the excavators directly inside the mailbox.

4 History - History allows to understand which kind of report was sent, to whom and when. It keeps track of the scheduled reports you have configured.

5 Delete - The easiest for last! Delete allows you to remove the scheduled reports. If you delete a scheduled report, you won't receive it anymore via e-mail.

Add or edit a scheduled report

1 Once clicked "Add" or "Edit", the right hand side slide panel will come out.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Name - Choose the name of your scheduled report. This name will appear in the list once the configuration will be done.
  • Version/Enabled - Check the box if you want to keep record of the number of versions (it helps you to understand how many times the scheduled report has been sent).
  • Frequency - Do you want to receive the email once a month or once a week?
  • Language - To set up the language of the Excel document with the content of the reports.
  • Timezone - It's up to you :)
  • User settings - Choose the metrics for the reports. For example, if you choose international, you will receive the Fuel consumption report in liters, whereas if you choose UK or US it will be in gallons.
  • Report types - Select the reports you want to receive via email. You can choose up to 6 kind of reports.
  • Equipment selection - Now that you've selected the types of reports you will receive, you need to select the units that will be inside the reports. Of course, if you wish, you can select all of them. You have two options to do the selection:
    1. Select by equipment. Once you have selected "By equipment list", click 2 the "Units selection" button next to the funnel icon. The left hand side slide panel comes out so that you can choose equipment.
    2. Select by company. If you want to select by company use this second option. In this case you will not see the units' names but the companies' one!
  • Notification groups - Select inside the list the notification groups. Users inside those groups will receive the emails with the scheduled reports. To know how to configure notification groups, go to Settings/Administration/Users/Notification groups.

3 To finalize, click "Save".

    Email content

    How does the schedule report looks like when you receive it inside your mailbox?

    Here is an example of email you will receive once you will have setup a scheduled report on SiteWatch.

    Click the links inside the email to get to the excel reports.