How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Fleets settings

Menu/Settings 1/Administration 2/Fleets 3

Caution! Depending on your role on SiteWatch you might not see this section.

What is it about

Inside Fleets you can check the list of fleets.

When a company is created, the default fleet for that company is also created. This fleet will have the same name than the related company so that each vehicle belonging to a company also belongs to the corresponding default fleet.

The default fleets can't be edited or modified!

Of course, in addition to the default fleets you can also customize your own fleets.

What is the utility of creating a fleet? On the dashboard, inside the reports, in Explore or Track as well as inside the Maintenance list or in any place where you have to do a unit selection, you can search by fleet.

Tools recap

Welcome the the page dedicated to the fleets settings.

1 Click to add a fleet

2 Click and type to search for a specific fleet in the list under.

3 Click to edit fleet's settings

4 Click to delete a fleet

5 Click to view fleet's settings. If you can only view, it means that you cannot edit.

In the next chapter, we'll learn how to create or edit a fleet. The two actions are similar.

Add or edit a fleet

1 Once you click "Add" or "Edit" a right hand side slide panel will come out.

You'll need to complete the following fields:

  • Name - Choose a name for your fleet.
  • Description - Give a quick description to your fleet
  • Equipment selection - Choose the machines you want to add to your fleet. To do so click the 2 "Units selection" button. Once you click, a 3 left hand side panel will come out. To add a unit to the fleet click 4 "+". To remove a unit from the fleet click "-"

Once you have created or edited your company, do not forget to click "Save".