How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Equipment settings

Menu/Settings 1/Administration 2/Equipment 3

Caution! Depending on your role on SiteWatch you might not see all the elements shown in this page content.

What is it about

In the equipment page you'll find the list of the machines on which a subscription has been activated.
An "Equipment" is automatically created in this page when a subscription is activated for a machine.

From the Equipment page you can edit or view certain fields depending on your role.

Still depending on your role you can also assign profiles to a machine or assign the machine's notifications to one or several users.

Tools recap

Welcome the the page dedicated to the equipment settings.

1 Find the total of machines that you can see between parenthesis next to "Equipment"

2 Use the search bar to search directly for a machine 

3 Click to edit the equipment's settings. If you see an "eye" icon, click to view the equipment's settings.

4 Click to assign profiles to the machine. To know more about profile assignment check Settings/Modem/Profiles Assignment

5 Click to assign the machine's notifications to one or several users, for he, she or them to receive all the alarms sent by this machine. To know more about notification assignment check Settings/Modem/Notifications Assignment

In the next chapter, we'll learn how to edit machine's settings.

The first step happens here by clicking 3 edit!

Edit Equipment

1 Once you've clicked "Edit" in the previous chapter, a right hand side slide panel will come out.

You'll see the following fields:

  • Name - Next to 1 it is the name of the machine
  • Last update -Last time you updated the equipment info.
  • Equipment ID -This is a compulsory field. Most of the time the user chooses to put the same number than the one for the plate.
  • Plate - This is a compulsory field. The machine's plate.
  • Machine S/N - The Serial Number of the machine.
  • Type of use - If you want you can insert a type of use for the machine 
  • Time zone - Time zone in which the machine is
  • Engine hours - Here find how many hours the machine's engine has been running. If needed and if your role on SiteWatch allows it, you can adjust the engine hours here.
  • Odometer - Find out the distance traveled by the machine
  • Unique ID - The unique ID can't be edited.
  • Subscription expiration date - If you have a doubt on the subscription expiration for a unit, you can check it here.
  • Satellite configuration - You will only see the info here if you have activated a satellite modem. If not, fields will be empty.
  • Brand, Type and Model - Remember to edit those fields with the correct brand, type and model of the machine. If those fields are already edited you'll see the brand, type and model of the machine.
  • Company - Name of the company in which the machine is.
  • Fleet(s) - Name of the fleet(s) in which the machine is.
  • Profiles: Click Assign to assign the profiles based on the brand, type and model you've selected. Then expand the profiles to check if the machine has assigned profiles
  • Notification settings - As for the profiles click to expand profiles and to check if users or groups of users are assigned to receive the alarms of the machine.
  • Notes - You also have the possibility to add some notes if you wish.

Once you have edited your company, do not forget to click 2 "Save".