What is telematics and what is SiteWatch

Telematics is the collection, processing and transport of machine datas. It produces information that is available for decision support and verification purposes. To check on your telematics datas you do not need to be near your equipment and can access them with SiteWatch remotely.

Telematics need two components to work: the hardware and the software.

The hardware, also called modem or device, is installed on the machine and operates independently from the operator (no need to interact with the hardware).

The software, SiteWatch, is the internet portal used by the user to retrieve the information from any location – provided an Internet connection.

This manual is built to help you to use the latter!

Supported browser

Before starting to use SiteWatch, we strongly reccomend to use the last version of Google Chrome which guarantees access to all the features and functionalities of the portal.

Activate services

How to activate subscriptions with the Telematics Service Portal (TSP)

The TSP is a Dealer only tool. It allows to activate connected machines services and subscriptions.

User creation

You need to give access to the portal to one of your company's employees or partners?
Here is how to do so

Building a geofence

Make sure that your machines are not leaving or entering area/s of your choice

Building a curfew

Make sure that your machines are not moved or keyed on within the hours of your choice

Assigning profiles

Learn how to assign the geofence, curfew and maintenance profiles to your machines

Assigning default profiles

Assign the default profiles to your machines to ensure their correct reporting

Assigning notifications

Receive alerts via email for the machines and the profiles of your choosing

Generating a report

Learn how to generate and export reports

Payload tickets

Check out the payload tickets report

Editing machine information

Use the equipment page to customize your machines names and to get access to quick helpful information