How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Geofences configuration

Menu/Settings 1/Modem 2/Geofences 3

Caution! Depending on your role on SiteWatch you might not see this section.

What is it about

In this section you can draw new geofences or edit them.

Once your geofence is ready, you can also associate it to one or several machine(s) directly from this section of SiteWatch

Tools recap

Welcome to the landing page of geofences setup.

1 Between parenthesis you'll find the number of geofences you can see or edit

2 You can decide to use the search bar to find directly the geofence you want to view, edit and/or assign to one or several machines.

3 Click "+" to add a new geofence

4 Click to edit a geofence. If you see an eye icon it means that you can view the geofence but that you don't have the authorization to edit it.

5 Click to assign the geofence to one or several units. To know more about profiles assignment visit Settings/Modem/Profiles assignment.

6 Click to delete the geofence.

Add or edit a geofence

Once you add or edit a geofence (see precedent paragraph to know where to find the icons to add and edit), you'll land on this page.
The editing and creating pages have the same content.

1 Click to draw your geofence.

2 Click if you want to create a circular geofence.

3 Click if you want to create your own geofence with a succession of lines as in this screenshot.

4 Once you have drawn the geofence on the map, give it a name.

5 Choose the transition option.

Select from outside to inside if the machine(s) to which you will assign to this geofence shouldn't enter in the geofence.
Select from inside to outside if the machine(s) to which you will assign to this geofence shouldn't go out of the geofence.

6 Choose the severity of the alarm notification you would receive if the machine(s) happen(s) to break the geofence.

Do not forget to click "Save".

7 If you don't want to save your work and abandon, click the "Back" arrow.