How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Equipment utilization report

Menu/Reports 1/Equipment utilization 2

What is it about

The Equipment utilization report allows users to check the time spent in different statuses such as idling, working, transporting, and others for one or several piece(s) of equipment and for a pre-selected amount of time.

On SiteWatch you will find 7 statuses: Key ON/Engine OFF, ON/Idle, Long Idle, Work, Light Workload, High Workload and Transport.

Generate a report

How to choose a time frame, select the unit(s) and display the report

1 To generate the Equipment utilization report you will need to choose a time frame in the left hand side column. The lapse of time cannot exceed 180 days.

2 Then choose and select one or several unit(s) in the middle column by clicking on the "+" icon. The number selected cannot exceed 25 units.

3 The third and last column gives you an overview of the units you have selected. If you have changed your mind and if you want to remove one or several unit(s) click the "-" icon or the "Remove all" button in the top right corner.

4 Once you have set your mind click "Generate".

You can also use the switch feature directly inside the reports to switch from one report to another with the same unit(s) and the same time period selection.

The report's content - Chart

First of all, let's recap the tools you will find in all the reports:

1 In the top left corner of the page you will find the time frame recap. You can change the time frame directly there. If you do so, don't forget to click "Generate" to update the report content.

2 The unit(s)'s selector is next to the time frame recap. As for the time frame if you add or remove some units don't forget to click "Generate" to update the report's content.

3 Click "Export XLS" to export the report's content on an Excel sheet.


Under the tools, you will find the report's chart.

4 The legend is clickable so that you can isolate one status in particular.

5 Each line corresponds to one unit's Equipment utilization report. In front of the histogram you will find the total time (sum of all the time spent in each status)

The report's content - Table

1 Click the tab to change the view and to see the report datas in a table.