How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the users list and the notification groups

Menu/Settings 1/Administration 2/List 3
or /4 Notification groups

Caution! Depending on your role on SiteWatch you might not see all the elements shown in this page content.

What is it about

Depending on your role on SiteWatch, in this section you can view, edit or delete users and group of users. You can also create new users or new groups made of several users.

The groups can be created and used for the notifications. Once a group of users will be created, you'll be able to assign machines' alarms to the whole group. So that each user of the group will receive the alarms directly inside his or her mailbox.

Users list tab

You're inside the 1 List tab.

You'll find a table with all the users you can see or edit.

You have a couple of options:

2 You can create a new user from scratch

3 Or you can edit specific users by clicking the pen

You can also delete one or several user from SiteWatch by clicking the bin icon.

Create or edit users

Whereas you click on "Add" to create a new user or on the pen icon to edit a pre existing user, 1 the same right hand side panel will come out.

You will have to fill in the following fields:

  • Name - The first name of the user
  • Last Name - The last name of the user
  • Login -The pseudonym that will be used to log on SiteWatch
  • E-mail - The email of the user. An e-mail will be sent to the new user to set up the password.
  • Send a test mail - Click it to verify that the user is receiving e-mails.
  • Role - Set up the user's role. Depending on her or his role a user can or cannot see and/or edit some parts of the portal.
  • Mobile phone - This field is not compulsory
  • Office phone - This field is not compulsory
  • Language
  • User settings - Choose the correct preset for the user. If you choose "international" the user will see liters for the fuel consumption, meters or kilometers for the distance and so on. If you choose "UK" or "US" the user will see gallons and miles.
  • Company - Choose which company(ies) the user will be able to see.
  • External user - Check the box if the user is an external
  • Visible in notification list - I advise you to check the box so that the user will be able to receive notifications and alarms for one or several machine(s) of your choosing.

Once you've set up your mind click 2 "Save".

Notification groups

You can click the voice in the menu (see "How to get there" paragraph above) or you can click 1 the Notification group tab to get to the Notification group settings.

Inside the Notification group you'll find the same tools as in the Users list.

Click "Add notification group" to create a new group.
Click the pen icon to edit a group that already exists.
And click the bin icon to remove one or several groups.

Once you click "Add" you'll have two fields to fill in. The name of the group and then the users that you want to add inside the group.