How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Profiles assignment

Menu/Settings 1/Modem 2/Profiles 3

Caution! Depending on your role on SiteWatch you might not see this section.

What is it about

In this section you can assign one or several profile(s) to one or several machine(s).

The correct profiles assignment will allow you to see accurate datas inside the reports.

This section is meant to ease the assigment for several machines at once.

For example, let's imagine that you have several CASE Construction Equipment skid steers with the exact same model!
You can assign to all of them the same CAN BUS profile as well as the same Satus profile thanks to this section. It prevents you from loosing time in the Administration/Assets/Equipment section where you need to assign the profiles to the machines one by one.

Other example, if you have several construction machines on the same jobsite, you can assign the same geofence and the same curfew to all the machines thanks to this profile assignment section (and still at once)!

Unit selection

Choose the vehicle(s) to which you want to assign the same profile(s)

The unit selector here is working the same way than in every other part of the portal.

First you'll need to find the machine(s) you want to select.

1 Use the search bar to do so or the list of the machines under.

In the screenshot above you see the companies, once you click them you'll see the fleets and finally inside the fleets you will view the machines. But remember that you can change this view (Companies/Fleets/Equipment) of the list. Click 2 "Show hierarchy" to get rid of it and to switch to a flat list with only machines.

3 Click the "+" icon to add machines

4 If you have changed your mind and if you want to start over from scratch, click "Remove all".

5 You can also remove one machine at a time with the "-" icon.

6 Once you're satisfied about your machine(s) selection, click "Assign"

Assign profiles

You've made it to the assignment page!

Here you can assign one or several of the seven profiles to the machine(s) you have just selected.

To navigate from one profile to another click them:

  • CAN BUS/Fault Codes 1
  • Status 1
  • Equipment Input/Output 2
  • Power management 3
  • Geofence 4
  • Curfew 5
  • Maintenance 6

Each time that you will do some changes do not forget to click 8 "Assign profile"

For the example shown here (CAN Bus/Fault Codes and Status), you need first to select 7 a CAN BUS/Fault Codes profile to unlock the status profiles.