How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Notifications assignment

Menu/Settings 1/Modem 2/Notifications 3

Caution! Depending on your role on SiteWatch you might not see this section.

What is it about

In this section you can select one or several machine(s) and then choose which user(s) or/and group(s) of users will receive the notifications and alarms for the selected machine(s).

You'll notice that there are 2 escalations.
If user(s) or group(s) of users included in the escalation 1 do not open the email with the alarms and notifications, the notifications will be sent to user(s) and group(s) included in the escalation 2. 

You can also set the "notification timeout" in escalation 2, once the escalation 1 is configured.

Here is an example to illustrate the timeout:
You've setup a notification timeout of 15 minutes.
If after 15 minutes the users of escalation 1 do not open the email with the notifications and alarms, automatically they will be sent to the users of escalation 2.

Unit selection

Choose the vehicle(s) to which you will associate user(s) to receive notifications

The unit selector here is working the same way than in every other part of the portal.

First you'll need to find the machine(s) you want to select.

1 Use the search bar to do so or the list of the machines under.

In the screenshot above you see the companies, once you click them you'll see the fleets and finally inside the fleets you will view the machines. But remember that you can change this view (Companies/Fleets/Equipment) of the list. Click 2 "Show hierarchy" to get rid of it and to switch to a flat list with only machines.

3 Click the "+" icon to add machines

4 If you have changed your mind and if you want to start over from scratch, click "Remove all".

5 You can also remove one machine at a time with the "-" icon.

6 Once you're satisfied about your machine(s) selection, click "Assign"

Choose the profile(s)

You can assign notifications to different users or group of users depending of the profiles. Why such a thing? Because we've figured out that not all the stakeholders would be interested in receiving all the alarms and notifications regardless of the profile.

More likely the users that are interested in receiving Fault Codes or Maintenance related notifications are dealers and technicians.
Whereas the contractors or the machine owners would prefer to receive geofences related alarms or broken curfew notifications to be sure that the machine is safe.

This is what this page is all about:

1 On the left column you'll find the recap of the units you've chosen

2 In the middle column there is the list of clickable profiles. 3 Click one of them. The user(s) or group(s) of users that you will select will receive the notifications for the profile you've clicked.

4 The last column is dedicated to the escalations that we've introduced in the second paragraph entitled "What is it about".

5 To see what are the configurations for the profile selected for both Escalation 1 and 2, click the triangle icon.

6 To assign notifications to users or group of users click the icon. Check the successive paragraph to finalize the notification assignment

Assign notifications to users or group of users

You've made it to the last step!

Once you've clicked the icon to assign notification, 1 the right hand side slide panel will come out.

To add users in the Escalation 1 or Escalation 2 click 2 "Select users or groups of users" and choose the user(s) or group(s) of users that will receive the notifications.

Only for Escalation 2:

3 You can set a notification timeout in minutes.
If no one from the Escalation 1 opens the notifications after the notification timeout of your choosing (15min for example), the notifications will be send to the user(s) or group(s) of users of the Escalation 2. Just to make sure that you've got your back covered.

4 Do not forget to click "Save".