How to get there?

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Engine hours report

Menu/Reports 1/Engine Hours 2

What is it about?

The Engine hours report allows user to check how many hours one or several unit(s) has/have been keyed on, engine on.

It is a cumulative report. The values displayed correspond to the last update, this is the reason why you won't have to choose a lapse of time to generate a report.

The Engine Hours source is set up in the status profile.

Generate a report

How to choose a time frame, select the unit(s) and display the report

1 To generate the Engine hours report you will first need to choose and select one or several unit(s) in the left hand side column

You have two options. First option, use the search bar 2 to look for the unit(s) and click the "+" icon to select them. Second option, go through the hierarchy under the search bar.

Here is how the hierarchy works: you will need to click the small arrow 4 to expand the companies. Under the companies you will find the fleets. Click again the small arrow to expand the fleets and you will see the units. Those units are belonging to the fleet you just expanded. You don't like it? Click the "Show hierarchy" button 3 to get rid of it.

In the left hand side column you will find a summary of the units you have chosen 5. You have changed your mind and you want to remove one or several unit(s)? Just click the "-" icon or the "Remove all" button in the top right corner.

Once you have set your mind, click "Generate" 6

The report's content

You made it to the Engine hours report! 

First step, let's understand a bit how the graph is working. On the y-axis are reported the name of the unit(s) 2. On the x-axis are reported the engine hours. Keep in mind that our graphs are always interactive so do not hesitate to pass the mouse on the bar or click them!

You can always change the way the graph is ordered by clicking the small arrow and the icon next to the arrow 1.

Above, you will find a recap with: the report title, the date of the report and the total number of units selected as well as the total engine hours for all the units selected.

Keep in mind that you can switch from one report to another with the same unit(s) selection in the top right corner 3.