How to get there

Follow the path hereunder to get to the Vehicle data report

Menu/Reports 1/Vehicle data 2

What is it about

Monitor over 40 CAN parameters

The Vehicle data report allows you to monitor CAN parameters and values sent by your equipment. 

The content and number of the parameters list displayed on your screen will depend on multiple factors, such as:

  • The equipment service plan. If your service plan is basic you will only see parameters related to Engine hours. Instead, with an advanced service plan you can access over 40 parameters.
  • The detection type of the parameters selected in the CAN profile. In the equipment data report, you will only see parameters with a detection type set as "report" and "report/alarms". To avoid any issue we recommend you to simply use default profiles automatically setup when you activate a subscription ;)! It's easier and less risky.

Generate a report

How to choose a time frame, select the unit(s) and display the report

1 To generate the Vehicle data report you will need to choose a time frame in the left hand side column. The lapse of time cannot exceed 180 days.

2 Then choose and select one or several unit(s) in the middle column by clicking on the "+" icon. The number selected cannot exceed 4 units.

3 The third and last column gives you an overview of the units you have selected. If you have changed your mind and if you want to remove one or several unit(s) click the "-" icon or the "Remove all" button in the top right corner.

4 Once you have set your mind click "Generate".

You can also use the switch feature directly inside the reports to switch from one report to another with the same unit(s) and the same time period selection.

Choose parameters

Two options: chart or table view?

Once you have clicked "Generate" you will land on a page with a list of parameters.

1 Check the box near to "Description" label to select all the parameters at once. You can also choose the parameters one by one.

2 Once you have chosen the parameters, if you want to see them represented in a graph, click "View chart". But, watch out, you can only select maximum 4 parameters to get the chart representation. If you select more than four, the button will be diactivated.

3 Other option, once you have chosen the parameters, you can decide to see them represented in a table by clicking "View table".

View in chart

1 You're inside the tab dedicated to chart view!

2 For each graph you will find the title with the type of parameter represented: in this case "Battery voltage"

3 Under the title there is the list of the equipment represented on the graph. You can click a piece of equipment's name to make it disappear or appear again on the graph.

View in table

1 You're inside the tab dedicated to table view. It means that data will be organized in a table.

2 If you wish to change the number of parameters you can do it directly inside the report by clicking "Parameters". Remember that the "Chart view" will be deactivated if you selected more than 4 parameters ;).