Major update on March 29th!

New Payload tickets report and TSP release

Service interruption

CASE Construction Equipment SiteWatch is scheduled for maintenance beginning on Thursday March 25th (2AM Eastern US standard time) to Sunday March 28th (1PM Eastern US standard time).  During this time, users may experience an interruption in access to the SiteWatch website portal while the maintenance is in process.  However, this update will not impact the equipment data collection process (e.g. key on / key off, geofence alerts, fuel consumption reports etc.).  The system is expected to be fully operational once the maintenance is completed.  At which time all data will be available.


This update will focus on additional enhancements in preparation for the launch of the new telematics module that is being released with the G Series wheel loader enhancements.   

A new payload report will be available with the optional payload system for the enhanced wheel loaders.  This will give users the ability to generate and print payload tickets from SiteWatch.  Additionally, with the optional Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for the wheel loaders, users will have the added notification as an alert if any of the tires begin losing pressure.

To make activations of factory-fit telematics easier, a new Telematics Service Portal (TSP) will be implemented within SiteWatch.

You'll find, at the bottom of this news, two videos that introduce the functioning of the TSP and the new Payload tickets report.

Clear browsing data

Please remember to clear cached images and files when connecting to your fleet management portal after the deploy :)

Activate services with the new Telematics Service Portal (TSP)

Quick tutorial to activate factory fit subscriptions

Learn how to generate payload tickets reports

Access your wheel loader's payload information