Welcome to the new Help Center

SiteWatch's Help Center is now live!

SiteWatch revamped! 

As you might have noticed already, SiteWatch was recently given a facelift. This release is meant to improve your experience and facilitate the navigation through the portal. The impact is visual and won't affect any feature. Overall we worked on reducing the number of clicks and actions needed to complete a task so that you can get directly to the point.

The major change is the interface in general that becomes much more intuitive and simpler to use. First thing that jumps out at you, is the menu that has been moved to the top allowing you to access all the voices on the same page. Among other, the new version comes also with a new Dashboard with five widgets. In some sections you'll also find small dashboards named "overviews" that give you an overall view of the elements contained in specific parts of the portal.

No panic, we've got your back

Are you lost in the last version of your fleet management tool? Well, you've come to the right place. This website will be dedicated to help you going through the new SiteWatch.

1 Use key words inside the search bar to get to the content directly.

2 You can also refer to the section "How can we help you?" right under. The six blocks you can see and click correspond to the principal navigable sections.

3 The third part of the screen will be dedicated to the news.